Serving up smarts

“Knowledgeable experts standing behind a bar, answering your questions for free. What a novel idea! We’ll call it Genius Bar. What’s that? The name is taken? Alright, Mr. Lawyer-pants, we’ll find a different name.”

And thus the Smart Bar was born.

Smart Bar is a little thing we’ll do once a week in Minneapolis, in which CoCo members will have access to free advice from experts within and outside the CoCo community. We’ll set up some stools at the welcome desk and you’ll be free to sidle up and drink all the knowledge you can.

The Smart Bar will be open on Wednesdays from 3 to 5 p.m. If it does well, we’ll certainly consider doing it more often. You can’t have too much smarts, right?

Our coworking librarian Meg Knodl will be serving up smarts on Wed., Aug.17. Bring her any business or market research questions you might have!

Other smarties on the docket include:

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  • Julie Mackenzie

    What’s the October line-up? Is it posted (online) somewhere?

  • Graeme Thickins

    great idea, Don! … love what you’re doing at CoCo


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