Project Skyway, Part Deux

We’re eager to meet the entrpreneurs who have been selected for Project Skyway‘s 2nd class. They will kick into full gear on March 5.

Who are they? We don’t yet know. Founder Cem Erdem and chargé d’affaires Casey Allen are keeping mum until Friday, when they announce the particpants on Tech.MN TV’s weekly episode.

W00t! Now we know that the selected startups include:

See Cem and Casey talk about their selections on TECHdotMN TV.

If this new class is anything like the previous, we’re all in for three months of high energy and hustle as we watch these ambitious entrepreneurs try to get their businesses from 0-60 MPH.

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  • Phil Gapp

    Super cool! This post linked us to the site, and I hope we can get involved in one of the future ‘classes’!!!


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