The Experience Economy coming to CoCo

As authors and speakers, Joe Pine & Jim Gilmore have built a well-deserved reputation for thought leadership. The ideas launched through such ground-breaking books as The Experience Economy, Authenticity, Mass Customization, and Infinite Possibility have given readers countless ways to see the world differently and have forever changed the landscape of business competition.

Now, author Joe Pine will be personally hosting a How-To series of three workshops intended to skill you and your business around the powerful concepts of experience staging – outlining practical steps for accelerating the adoption of these ideas into your company. The How-To Workshop Series features day-long sessions that will highlight content, facilitate exercises, and outline applications for you to go beyond the concepts and into real planning and tactics. If you have been looking for a way to get started on the road to staging more compelling customer experiences (or if you just need a little help with your initiatives) then these workshops are ideal for you.

And best of all – these sessions will all be taking place at CoCo Minneapolis! This is a rare opportunity to see a world-class thought leader close to home.

Session 1: How to Stage Engaging Digital Experiences
Hosted by Joe Pine
December 6, 2012

Session 2: How to Create a Sense of Place
Hosted by Joe Pine
April 4, 2013

Session 3: How to Mass Customize Your Offerings
Hosted by Joe Pine
May 30, 2013

Sessions take place 8:30am to 4:30pm each day. Workshop sizes will be limited 25 participants to ensure personal interaction.

Sessions can be purchased individually or as bundles. Single sessions are $595 per person. Any two workshops is $990. Any three or more sessions is $1,385. The fee includes admission, lunch, and materials.

For more information or to register for Pine & Gilmore’s How-To Workshop Series, visit You can also call (330) 405-2886 or send an email to

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