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Anna Love-Mickelson of Stoke.d led last year's design thinking Boot Camp.

We’re pleased to announce that Anna Love-Mickelson (our design thinking guru in residence) has launched stoke.d, a company that teaches and practices human-centered design.

If you attended any of our design thinking crash courses or workshops last year, then you already know Anna.

The good news is that stoke.d will continue to hold design thinking workshops at CoCo in 2013. (And we will be sure to post them on our site!)

“We are on a never ending hunt to find new ways to teach and practice human-centered design. This year, we are excited to play around with some new tools, concepts and learning experience – all for the purpose of making it even more accessible to our community,” Anna said.

You can learn more at the Stoke.d website or by following them on Twitter.



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