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Coworking 101

Coworking 101

Coworking is a movement that’s growing in North America and around the world. Why all the hubbub?

Why cowork?
At its most basic, coworking is an antidote to isolation and cabin fever. When you have a community of people who are also trying to achieve their dreams, you realize that you’re not alone. But it’s also a whole lot more:

  • A way to make a tangible commitment to your freelance or consulting career
  • A way of networking effortlessly
  • An easy way to hunt or potential clients, collaborators.
  • A great way to make new friends.

What kind of people cowork?
We’re constantly surprised by who shows up for coworking:

  • Marketing consultants
  • Freelance writers and designers
  • Web and mobile developers
  • Videographers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Actors
  • Musicians

What happens on a typical day?
First priority at any coworking space is to get the coffee brewing and put on some music (not too loud, mind you). Over the course of the morning, people begin to filter in. Some coworkers invite their clients to visit for a meeting in one of our conference rooms. Around noontime, some folks use our kitchen to warm up leftovers. Others like to band together and seek out their lunch on the streets. By afternoon, we’ve got a healthy buzz going of keyboard clicks and conversations. At the end of the day, it’s time to head home or to any one of the local pubs for Happy Hour.

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What’s CoCo all about?

What’s CoCo all about?

CoCo is an alternative to working from home, the office or the local coffee shop. It’s a place where knowledge workers can share ideas, team up on projects and actually get some work done.

We have up to 40 coworking spaces, including library tables, smaller tables and lounge seating. We offer several coworking plans. As a coworker, you have access to amenities that keep you comfortable and help you get your work done.

We have semi-private, permanent spaces for small, 2-to-4 person companies that want the benefits of coworking, but need privacy from time to time. Colocated companies have access to the same amenities as coworkers.

Meeting space
We have a large, 2,000-square-foot open meeting space, which is an ideal for local unconferences, meetups and tweetups.

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