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DreamCast Episode 10: Chris Farrell

Chris Farrell

Chris Farrell, Economics Columnist and Author

Billionaires, U.S. Senators and Representatives, mayors…we’ve had our share of celebrity visits at COCO. But someone who’s MPR-famous? This was a first.

A couple weeks ago, we got a call from Chris Farrell, MPR’s …

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DreamCast Episode 7: Kris LaFavor

Kris LaFavor

Kris LaFavor, Owner of Design Ahead

Kris has been a presence at CoCo Minneapolis since we first rung the trading bell in 2010. Yet when she joined us she had already experienced some mind-boggling evolutions in her field of design …

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DreamCast Episode 6: Frank Jossi

Frank Jossi

Frank Jossi, Owner of Jossi + Associates Inc.

They say the average person has 6 or more careers in a lifetime. Frank Jossi is a CoCo member who has had exactly one career for at least 25 years. Frank is …

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CoCo celebrates five years

8013165137_3bbda4678e Highlights from five years of coworking...with a peek into the future
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DreamCast Episode 2: Dara Rudick

Dara Rudick

Dara (left) with Management HQ teammates Kathy Choh (center) and Adrianne Prettyman (right)

She’s relentlessly polite, always well put together and her business has been growing steadily since she first joined CoCo in early 2013. Ok, so what’s the catch?…

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