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DreamCast Episode 10: Chris Farrell

Chris Farrell

Chris Farrell, Economics Columnist and Author

Billionaires, U.S. Senators and Representatives, mayors…we’ve had our share of celebrity visits at COCO. But someone who’s MPR-famous? This was a first.

A couple weeks ago, we got a call from Chris Farrell, MPR’s …

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DreamCast Episode 9: Jenna Pederson


Jenna Pederson, Owner of 612 Software Foundry

Jenna Pederson, Owner of 612 Software Foundry

If programming is power, then I’d like you to meet a real power broker. Jenna Pederson (pronounced PED-erson, unlike how yours truly said it during the interview) has built a thriving software …

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Coworking in retirement?

MPR’s Chris Farrell in his natural, paper-strewn habitat

We were recently visited by MPR economics commentator Chris Farrell, who wanted to interview some of our own Baby Boomer coworkers for an article in Next Avenue.

Chris also is …

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Introducing Startup Suites

20150225_134057 Dedicated spaces at CoCo Minneapolis designed specifically for startups and fast-growing businesses
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DreamCast Episode 7: Kris LaFavor

Kris LaFavor

Kris LaFavor, Owner of Design Ahead

Kris has been a presence at CoCo Minneapolis since we first rung the trading bell in 2010. Yet when she joined us she had already experienced some mind-boggling evolutions in her field of design …

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