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DreamCast Episode 9: Jenna Pederson


Jenna Pederson, Owner of 612 Software Foundry

Jenna Pederson, Owner of 612 Software Foundry

If programming is power, then I’d like you to meet a real power broker. Jenna Pederson (pronounced PED-erson, unlike how yours truly said it during the interview) has built a thriving software …

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Coworking in retirement?

MPR’s Chris Farrell in his natural, paper-strewn habitat

We were recently visited by MPR economics commentator Chris Farrell, who wanted to interview some of our own Baby Boomer coworkers for an article in Next Avenue.

Chris also is …

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Action! (screw the lights and camera)

3185609534_98d3cf8eefHas this ever happened to you? You go to a killer conference, or hear an inspiring speaker and you leave PUMPED UP. You’re ready to change your life, if not the world!

And then a day passes. A week. A …

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A peek inside Jump! School


It’s an exciting time to make the jump and start your own venture. But we have to confess that it’s even more exciting to help others make the jump (or at least get closer to it)!

Since early this year, …

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What’s safe? (on job security)


6864950083_bd22bc6458So here we are with news of yet another major corporation having a major layoff. Is anyone surprised?

Of course, none of us really expect cradle to grave employment anymore. That’s so obviously something from another era. What then do

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