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Keeping it real (or why authenticity matters)

Being real is the wellspring of entrepreneurial energy and success
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DreamCast Episode 8: Josh Becerra



Josh Becerra

Josh Becerra, Co-founder of Water Meter Solutions and Monkey Island Inc.

What in the world do Twitter-based apps and internet-enabled water meters have in common? Nothing, unless you’re Josh Becerra, one of three irrepressible entrepreneurs who make up Monkey …

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Are you trapped in a cubicle (of the mind)?

471916698_46033af95bIf you came here to watch me excoriate your office surroundings, I’m sorry to disappoint you. As much as I hate cloth-covered cubicles, there’s nothing to be gained in complaining about reality. One bit of good news: there are many …

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Introducing Startup Suites

20150225_134057 Dedicated spaces at CoCo Minneapolis designed specifically for startups and fast-growing businesses
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Jump! School is back!

one day crop We're rolling out a one-day class and one-week workshop — to help you create your dream venture
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