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StepUp Event Recap: Students, Ideas and Lessons in Collaboration


Students Rolplaying thr

A couple of weeks ago, I was a judge for Step-Up Achieve’s High Tech Innovation Day. The daylong event, hosted by CoCo, brought students from the Greater Twin Cities area together to create innovative solutions to difficult problems like …

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Seven reasons why you should coach for next year’s STEP-UP Achieve High Tech Innovation Day

Caitlin Headshot newestThis past Saturday I had the delight of volunteering as a team coach at STEP-UP Achieve’s High Tech Innovation Day, held at CoCo’s downtown office in Minneapolis. High Tech Innovation Day is a one-day experience for high schoolers interested in …

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DreamCast Episode 12: Dan Phan

Dan Phan, Founder of The Late Majority

Dan Phan, Founder of The Late Majority

If you were the only person in your department to survive a layoff, what would you do next? Most of us would thank our maker and cling desperately to the paycheck.

Unless you …

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DreamCast Episode 8: Josh Becerra


Josh Becerra

Josh Becerra, Co-founder of Water Meter Solutions and Monkey Island Inc.

What in the world do Twitter-based apps and internet-enabled water meters have in common? Nothing, unless you’re Josh Becerra, one of three irrepressible entrepreneurs who make up Monkey …

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Jump! School is back!

one day crop We're rolling out a one-day class and one-week workshop — to help you create your dream venture
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