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Nuit Blanche at CoCo STP

Nuit Blanche at CoCo STP

On Saturday, June 8th, St. Paul’s Lowertown district was transformed by Northern Spark, a dusk ’til dawn festival that showcased art, music, and everything else in between. CoCo member Chuck Olsen of VidTiger worked alongside Chris Strouth and James Gladman to project a screening of “Suddenly Petunia Pig wasn’t a thing” from CoCo’s 4th Floor windows. It was an awesome sight to see Lowertown come alive near the newly reconstructed Union Depot station and to see the Bedlam Theater (our neighbors on the 1st floor) filled with patrons. This event is a don’t miss for next year!

Photos: Teresa Boardman




Design Works™ Studio: A place for designers to cowork and collaborate

Design Works™ Studio: A place for designers to cowork and collaborate

CoCo coworking and collaborative space and Navitor have teamed up to launch Design Works™ Studio, a free coworking program just for graphic designers.

Design Works™ Studio will give freelance designers the ability to join the coworking movement and do great work by providing them with a state-of-the-art studio in the middle of a vibrant coworking space. The first two Design Works™ Studios are being opened at CoCo in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Navitor hopes to expand the concept into coworking spaces nationwide.

Design Works studio at CoCo St. Paul

The first Design Works studio will open at CoCo St. Paul, with a Minneapolis studio to open in the near future.

This design studio coworking program at CoCo is one benefit of Navitor’s Design Works™ membership program launching in early 2013 with the goal of enabling freelance and independent designers to grow and manage their business while still focusing their time and passion on their craft. Additional benefits will include access to color, print and production expertise at Navitor, exclusive training and education programs as well as exclusive offers on world-class design resources, software and products from Navitor’s partners.

As Design Works™ Studio members, graphic designers will have access to special amenities, including:

  • A large monitor to connect their laptop
  • Wi-fi internet access
  • Access to a high-quality printer
  • A designer’s reference library
  • Access to professional meeting facilities to host client presentations
  • A P.O. Box for their business

“Our freelance design customers tell us that, like any small business, one of their biggest challenges is lack of time and resources,” said George McGowan, CoCo member and Senior Vice President of Marketing at Navitor. “We want to find new ways to help our customers grow. Enabling them to participate in the coworking movement, connect with prospective clients and collaborate with other creative professionals is a great way for us to help their businesses grow and succeed.”

In addition to providing great amenities, the Design Works™ Studio will connect designers to potential clients, within the CoCo community and beyond. Navitor will actively promote Design Works™ members to its larger network of customers and employees. Design Works™ members will be invited to exclusive networking and social events.

“Launching Design Works™ Studio is a great development for our community,” said Kyle Coolbroth a founding partner at CoCo. “Many of our members need the help of good designers to build their own brands. Also, we have had a lot of interest in CoCo from the local design community and the Design Works Studio program eliminates the barriers they’ve had to joining.”

Prospective Design Works™ members can apply for membership at the Navitor site.

Navitor and CoCo will host an open house and offer tours of the Design Works™ Studio on Dec. 13, 2012 from 1 to 5 p.m., at  CoCo St. Paul, 213 4th St. E., 4th floor, St. Paul, MN 55101. (map)

About Navitor
Navitor, Inc., a subsidiary of the Taylor Corporation, is one of North America’s largest trade-only commercial printers and is headquartered in Mankato, Minnesota. Offering an extensive assortment of custom print and personalized products at wholesale prices, Navitor supports a broad network of print resellers who are experts in design, marketing, communication and print. With a national manufacturing footprint, online print management via and expert customer support staff, Navitor is designed to serve graphic communications professionals who need a strategic business partner rather than another vendor. For more information: and

About CoCo
CoCo is a place where freelance professionals, small businesses and corporate workgroups can gather to share ideas, team up on projects and get work done. For many professionals, CoCo is an alternative to working from home or meeting at the local coffee shop. CoCo has locations in Lowertown St. Paul and in downtown Minneapolis, on the former trading floor of the Minneapolis Grain Exchange. More information:

George McGowan
Navitor, Inc

Give the gift of CoCo!

Give the gift of CoCo!

Giving the right gift to a client or colleague is sometimes a challenge. Why not give the gift of coworking?

2012 Holiday Bonus: $25 of every purchase will be donated to BRIDGEdotMN – a charity that provides broadband-enabled netbooks and tech training for eager and deserving youth.

Work Spa Package

The perfect gift for someone who needs to get away form their daily grind. They can spend a peaceful, productive day at CoCo to get caught up on work, to work on their novel – or even better to work on  the startup they’ve been dreaming about!

What’s included:

  • One day at any CoCo location
  • A gourmet lunch, delivered to your desk!
  • A schwag bag that includes CoCo Blend whole-bean coffee, a CoCo t-shirt and other surprises!
  • Optional: a discussion with a qualified mentor about your business or project
  • Bonus extra: new friends and coworkers

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Day Pass 5-Pack

Do you or a loved one suffer from a chronic case of cabin fever (or the dreaded cubicle fever)? With a Day Pass 5-Pack, you can come to CoCo whenever the mood strikes. The 5-Pack is a punch card that can be used up to 5 times a year from purchase.

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Spatial Hotdish

Spatial Hotdish

Friday, May 18
Noon to 5 p.m.
CoCo St. Paul

Spatial Hotdish is a friendly, team-based map mashup ‘competition’ combining people from the web development and “traditional GIS“ communities in the Twin Cities.  Think Iron Chef with a geospatial (and Minnesota) twist! Work on a team to create a browser-based spatial data visualization using data that you find and a few last-minute secret ingredients.

We’re intentionally bringing together folks who may otherwise not work together. “I don’t have any experience with GIS data/programming”, you say?  No problem! We’ll provide a ready-made list of tools and data sources for you to use.  Or, bring some of your own data to map and show.  It’s a short event and no fancy or polished results are expected.

Register now!  Sorry, registration is now closed!

A social gathering at a nearby establishment will follow the event.

The size and number of teams  are limited, so register quickly if you are interested!  (Spaces will be allocated based on time of registration, but there will be some moderation to ensure participation from both communities and a balance within teams.)

Strategy for Good #6

Strategy for Good #6

April 28
9:30 a.m. to Noon
CoCo St. Paul

Thinkers & Makers is hosting 6th Strategy for Good Workshop. This workshop will pair non-profit and small business leaders with brand, media and marketing strategists from all around the Twin Cities.

At this workshop, teams will have time to address strategic and marketing issues in their organizations, brainstorm, and create solutions. Topics to tackle throughout the morning will range from social media initiatives to broader questions about brand awareness and marketing strategy.

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Creative Commons photo by Flickr user Double–M