For Enterprise

Enterprise memberships are designed for large and mid-size companies that want to provide access to CoCo for a larger number of employees for collaborative work and meetings. We offer three Enterprise memberships, designed to accommodate the needs of different organizations:

Meeting Membership

Easy, unlimited access to inspiring meeting spaces at all CoCo locations

  • Easy online booking
  • Meetings on-demand based on availability with no limitations
  • Discounted hourly rates
  • Easy monthly billing
  • Built-in concierge service

Ideal for:

Local companies that need to hold off-site meetings/work sessions on regular basis.

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Flex Membership

Flexible workspace access for multiple team members

  • Access to coworking spaces at all locations during business hours
  • Packages available for 25, 50, 75 and 100 employees
  • Full membership privileges, including educational and social events
  • An inspiring office alternative for your whole team!

Ideal for:

Companies looking for flexible workspace for remote and individual workers.

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Basecamp Membership

Dedicated workspace for fast-moving project teams

  • Your team gets its own dedicated space at one or more CoCo locations
  • Includes access to CoCo meeting rooms
  • Full membership privileges, including educational and social events
  • No limit on staff changes

Ideal for:

Highly focused project teams with frequent roster changes.

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